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The understanding of the astral plane and how it affects our daily lives

Without realizing it you will have a thought, whether it is a good thought, a bad thought, a sexy thought or just a thought about groceries. It is a thought that lingers into a different realm that your eye can not see but it is there. This is a realm where all the energies are seen, where all the souls go to while in between the heavens or looking for reincarnation. Sometimes these souls live forever in this realm.

I will save what exactly this realm is like for another article but what I would like to discuss is how your thoughts go into this realm and that can change your future. The very unfortunate issue with our school system and our parents and our culture in general is that they do not teach us how to focus on positive thinking, instead we are bombarded with things that we aren’t good enough for, colleges will not accept us since we are not smart enough or the football coach doesn’t play us. All of these things tend to go into our sub conscience which is our soul that lays in this realm.

If you would like to have a good way to keep a positive thinking path AND get good sleep one way is to lay on your back while you sleep and imagine yourself dreaming of your wildest dreams. Perhaps you want to be a millionaire or an astronaut? Maybe you want to find true love! Or maybe you want to be a musician! If you imagine this while falling asleep every night your energy will align itself to that goal, so when you begin practicing that goal, every day gets more and more likely it will happen.

We will have many more posts discussing the astral plane along with different items readily available, please understand this is a fairly new site so we are building slowly. Many more posts daily will appear.

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