The truth behind the entire Life Coach/Pick up artist situation

If you are a young man or woman in their early to mid 20’s then you are probably aware of these types of people on youtube who pass themselves off as these older more experienced life coaches who know absolutely everything about the opposite sex. They will tell you the followin:

– I have been doing this for more than 30 years

-I am an expert

-I have dated thousands and thousands of women

– I know all about “women” or for women coaches “men”

-I am dating 6-7 girls in rotation as we speak

etc etc

I can go on with a list but I think these are the best for understanding red flags. These videos have gotten popular due to the validations they give for their audience. They read their audience perfectly and understand them at a deep level. They even use words like “incel” as a way to describe and stereotype who exactly watches the videos. They will come off as your best friend saying guys this is the absolute truth and I’m the only one telling you this. But the more you watch their videos, the more you begin to analyze the way they talk and just how many of these types of videos they post and just the way they discuss ad nauseam.

The thing to understand is that they have a kernel of truth in their videos that they will expand to a new level because that kernel of truth is what gets you to trust them.Yes you should:

-Value yourself

-Develop your own work

-Work on being content alone

But everything else is not necessary. What gets them validation is that they love it when they stereotype heavily against the opposite sex and in the comments there will be an emotional response by someone whether it is a man or a woman. And what it comes down to is they love it because it lets them say, “look at those damn feminazis battling my gospel truth, you see, they are persecuting me for my honest truth!”

Why, you may ask, are they doing this? A few reasons

1: They need to make money and survive.

2: Life coaching is an industry just like the legal industry, the alcohol industry, the tobacco industry. INDUSTRY INDUSTRY INDUSTRY REMEMBER THIS WORD INDUSTRY.

3: They can get an audience by targeting your most personal insecurities, usually involving sexual attraction and perhaps not having as many sex partners.

4: Validation is also another one!

In conclusion, this is an era of absolute insanity where people look towards taking your most personal feelings of self worth and monetizing on them. It’s not surprising to me anymore that we have a very right wing government now. But for the people who are reading this I believe it is very important for me to allow you to know this situation. The rule to life is simple.

The more negativity you create in life the more it will come back, the more positivity you create the more it comes back. Life is a back and forth game of positive and negative which are constantly battling with each other. It’s ok to be single and never be afraid to be alone!

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