Blessed Jewelry

A new service dedicated to those who are grieving from lost relatives or loved. Having the ability to keep a piece of them alive for an eternity truly is a blessing to have.  We are now offering the ability to convert your ashes into diamonds, pendants and even more! We also offer Blessings to your most memorable pieces. We ask of you to take a look at our prices, What we wish to offer is the ability to have peace of mind and bring your loved one with you wherever you go.

Pet Cremation pendant




Angelic Blessings to pendants

we offer blessings on behalf of a spiritual medium for the absolute best. Whether it is your grandmother's earrings or your favorite ring


Jewelry styled for angelic appearance (sterling silver)

In this we design personally a piece for you, sterling silver. The piece will be made to attract positive energy into your life and will continue to bring as much good in it as possible.




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