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Museum Quality Leaf Earrings and Pendants

Yesterday was an amazing step here in San Luis Obispo after being consigned to the San Luis Obispo Museum of Arts. It really was an amazing first step in a new place that I have never been and I sincerely appreciate the efforts and work from all of my friends and colleagues in Los Angeles.

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Eve and the serpent

An interesting old story about eve and the serpent who tempted her with the apple. This cad design rendering is perfect for any christian or even a satanist who wishes to be tempted by sin. The idea of sin is quite a concept that dates back from 6,000 years when Judaism first became a faith. I am selling this piece for 10$ as it is quit popular.

Eve and the serpent




3d printable

Fashion and High Heels

This is a rare chance to be able to 3d print an actual shoe but here it is! For those who are interested in clothing, it would be a shock to know you can actually print a shoe but you can! This is our first work into how you can purchase shoes and 3d print them yourself. If you are interested in designing your own shoes please let us know and we can help build the perfect shoes for you!


High Heel Cad Design

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