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Engagement Ring CAD Design

A favorite of mine that I just got from my long time colleague and friend Miqayel! Beautifully made and would go perfect for any marriage or long term relationship!


Beautiful Engagement Ring CAD Design







Sword Earring Pendants

Readily available today we have a cad design for the popular sword earring pendants that have been a huge hit on Etsy!

You will now be able to 3d print the earrings into any metal or material you desire.

Sword Pendant Earrings CAD Design

From Etsy Best Sellers, will deliver to the chosen email from the PayPal. If you wish to use a different email, Please email me at ddanon124@gmail.com








This is another best seller on Etsy, although only worth 5$, it is very likely that once you buy the cad design and begin production, you will be able to sell them quickly as the design is already proven to sell a lot. Every CAD design is an investment in the idea that you can 3d print this exact item and sell it.

CAD Design Picasso Faced Earrings

3d print the picasso face earrings today.




An Etsy Top seller Hoop Earrings

Here is the chance for you to be able to buy the cad design and even have them made in any material you would like! This cad design comes from this top seller on Etsy!


Beautifully designed earrings!62000975_345850916124684_2743769505485291520_n.jpg

CAD design Earrings

Hoop Earrings CAD design




Cad Design Ring with bead/marble setting


If you are interested in 3d printing and fabrication of your own rings and jewelry here is the perfect chance to download the cad design and be able to make this exquisite piece today! The size of this ring is 6.5 women’s USA. The perfect size of the bead or marble or stone will be 7 mm but can hold between 6-8 mm sized round stones


Cad Design of this ring

Please send your email so I may be able to send you the cad design in STL format


If you are interested in having this ring Fabricated here are our options

Silver Ring

Fabrication, Free Shipping. Comes with everything including stone setting


Gold Ring

Free Shipping Yellow 14 kt. Comes with everything including stone setting etc etc


Bronze Ring

Free Shipping Domestic comes with stone setting


Fresh water Round pearls or any stone that is more precious will cost extra if you would like to set that type thanks.


Metaphysical Mystic Rainbow & White Topaz Jewelry Psychic Charged Ring haunted

Metaphysical Mystic Rainbow & White Topaz Jewelry Psychic Charged Ring haunted

Free Shipping


Mystic Rainbow Topaz
Size 9
Copper base. Top coat is 925 silver.
 w   It does not flake off, tarnish or discolor.
 It is extremely long lasting and if taken care 
of will `last you a life+time.
I am sure you will love it!
 If not money back offer!
Kaber Star Psychic
Beautiful/ rich/ deep color/ has a real psychic look to it!
It can promote self-empowerment and higher thinking.
 It can harness your creativity which can help you
 in all your pursuits. It can promote strong and lasting
 relationships, and it can help you fill your life with
 passion and inspiration. This is because it can bring your
 creative powers to fruition
Truth, Loyalty, Communication,
Wild dreams on the happy side 
this rainbow beauty can inspire
 General Healing, to Relieve Pain.
financial gain
Remove Hex’s
 more In-site
 Extreme Good Luck
 Strength of Mind
Bring a deeper love to you