Confectionary Arts CAD/G Code Designs

For those of you who are curious about making chocolate and pastries, these are ready made files that are written in G-Code which is the file that is needed to program the confectionary 3-d printer to make the pieces.

If you are interested in buying 3d printers that can make food here are a few options, we will prepare and have it shipped to you on your behalf.


Chocolate and bread 3d printer

If you are interested in buying a 3d printer through us we have a few available at cheap prices. Most 3d printers for food will cost in the 2000+ range so we tend to try to keep it as low as possible.



3D coffee design printer for candy/cookies/chocolates

The Latte art coffee printer is one kind of digital inkjet printer, which use the health edible ink to print on latte coffee, which make your coffee more funny , It's one kind of machine help to make DIY art drink and life , add more happy and funny to your life.



3d printer fast paced for food

This 3d printed is small and light, it focuses on dark and white chocolate along with being able to 3d print food out of anything that can be mashed. Like potatoes as well. Jelly is another favorite.


For Designs we have available here:


Chocolate G-Code Design

Be able to make a chocolate computer board!



Amityville Horror House G-Code Design

this design is for 3d printing chocolate or bread in the form of the amityville horror house



Grudge House G-Code design

This is the grudge house written in G-Code to make for chocolate or bread.



Morty from Rick and Morty G-Code

Morty G-Code design available to make chocolate