69.5 Ct Whiskey color Topaz

Whiskey colored Topaz from Shardu Pakistan, Originally came from one of my colleagues and sent to me as a gift. If you are interested in buying the entire set for 400$ we can make an agreement here in the PayPal. 4$ per Ct

69.5 Ct whiskey topaz





The Value of Precious Stones

For centuries, kings and queens along with many of the world’s greatest emperors and khans have valued these precious gems. In modern times, however, a lot of people do not see the value of how much worth these stones truly have. Now a days though we see alot of talk online about the revival of precious stones and gems, so I am glad to show off some of my personal collections of pieces. These Gems are money themselves! What needs to be understood is that when you buy precious metals and stones all you’re doing is trading money for money. It’s like buying bitcoin. It is all money in the end, as precious stones can be easily tradable to people in the international market.


10.25 Carat Ruby

one available at the moment, FREE SHIPPING WITHIN USA OR TO CANADA


15.20 mm x 10.89 mm x 5.70 mm