The truth behind the entire Life Coach/Pick up artist situation

If you are a young man or woman in their early to mid 20’s then you are probably aware of these types of people on youtube who pass themselves off as these older more experienced life coaches who know absolutely everything about the opposite sex. They will tell you the followin:

– I have been doing this for more than 30 years

-I am an expert

-I have dated thousands and thousands of women

– I know all about “women” or for women coaches “men”

-I am dating 6-7 girls in rotation as we speak

etc etc

I can go on with a list but I think these are the best for understanding red flags. These videos have gotten popular due to the validations they give for their audience. They read their audience perfectly and understand them at a deep level. They even use words like “incel” as a way to describe and stereotype who exactly watches the videos. They will come off as your best friend saying guys this is the absolute truth and I’m the only one telling you this. But the more you watch their videos, the more you begin to analyze the way they talk and just how many of these types of videos they post and just the way they discuss ad nauseam.

The thing to understand is that they have a kernel of truth in their videos that they will expand to a new level because that kernel of truth is what gets you to trust them.Yes you should:

-Value yourself

-Develop your own work

-Work on being content alone

But everything else is not necessary. What gets them validation is that they love it when they stereotype heavily against the opposite sex and in the comments there will be an emotional response by someone whether it is a man or a woman. And what it comes down to is they love it because it lets them say, “look at those damn feminazis battling my gospel truth, you see, they are persecuting me for my honest truth!”

Why, you may ask, are they doing this? A few reasons

1: They need to make money and survive.

2: Life coaching is an industry just like the legal industry, the alcohol industry, the tobacco industry. INDUSTRY INDUSTRY INDUSTRY REMEMBER THIS WORD INDUSTRY.

3: They can get an audience by targeting your most personal insecurities, usually involving sexual attraction and perhaps not having as many sex partners.

4: Validation is also another one!

In conclusion, this is an era of absolute insanity where people look towards taking your most personal feelings of self worth and monetizing on them. It’s not surprising to me anymore that we have a very right wing government now. But for the people who are reading this I believe it is very important for me to allow you to know this situation. The rule to life is simple.

The more negativity you create in life the more it will come back, the more positivity you create the more it comes back. Life is a back and forth game of positive and negative which are constantly battling with each other. It’s ok to be single and never be afraid to be alone!


The power of energy and your brain


Your brain is actually one of the most interesting muscles in your entire body, the original growing AI. What people do not understand about your brain is the fact that not only it can sense even the most minute things such as when someone is thinking about it but it can also give off strong energy that can effect space and time as we see it.

In an era where micro computers, in the form of smart phones, reign as the number one most used, bought and sold object, we tend not to look at our brains as the most useful computers. Why is that? Mostly it is because we don’t rely on our brains to tell time, set up schedules or text our friends. We only rely on our brains to learn. But what if I told you the real power of your brain lies in it’s ability to become one with the very world it sees, negative thoughts can actually effect the life of someone and positive thoughts can bring someone up.

The more we understand our unique senses through mastering them, the better and more adapt we become at all the social things that we take for granted. Getting sales, having friends, meeting new people, all of these social things that we all have without completely understanding what it is.

One way you can tell that we, as a western society, are having our natural senses suppressed by a larger force, is usually when you see people stuck on their phones and not talking to one another. The less you use the senses the more dormant you become, which is why it is so important to be able to talk to someone on the train, bus or at work. It really helps with keeping your senses alive! These senses are the main power source that make us able to find lovers, fall in love and yes make allies in business.

We used to live in a world from 1950 to about 2012, where all of our senses were nearly completely shut off. Anyone who talked about the astral plane were considered insane or crazy, you needed to constantly ask every girl you meet for their phone number because you weren’t sure if they really wanted it or not. We became more of a society that focused on business and money as well. Ghost stories were definitely fun though! Who didn’t like hearing about a Ouija Board tale but I digress, we are getting back into an era where the astral plane is seen and that seems to be the issue why we feel lost in a sense.

There isn’t that same feeling like there used, marriage and relationships don’t seem to have the same feeling at all like they used to. It doesn’t even feel like it has any luster, like as if there are tons and tons of outside influences looking to destroy your relationship from within. It is so easy now a days for people to give into their primal instincts that it’s almost like what’s the point of having a relationship anymore. But the good news is, we are merely in a training ground where a lot of us are going from having that pure working mentality back from the 1950’s into more of a free flowing happy mentality that we are beginning to have now.

I personally believe it will take one or two more generations before we are able to control the next era much better. You see this will be the era of understanding and realizing who we really are. A-sexuality will begin to occur but also a new feeling of good will.


Developing your future when feeling like everything is down

There are these all is lost moments that we all go through. Sitting there at night or laying in bed depressed in the morning is something we can all relate to when we lose a job or become frustrated with people.

It is usually these moments in time where we have to reach into ourselves and pull out the very best in us. If it was easy to become a huge success everyone would be but in reality success is a monstrous task and even more than ever due to constant market shifts. A lot of it is timing and hard work.

You will have people who don’t like you or who want to see you fail due to what you look like or the color of your hair or skin. It is something no one wants to admit but even to this day you will have subtle racism you will subtle prejudice and you will have subtle hatred. People will either fear you or pity you and you have to say I would rather be feared by my enemies than have their pity.

The entire world will fight back against you and all you can do is sort of fight back even stronger. Giving up doesn’t exist, especially when you have technical skills because those shitty jobs don’t want anyone who is smart and they can tell too so you got no other choice but to keep going.

There is nothing to lose anymore, you need to pick yourself up and keep going.