Thought development and the ability to make a business of your own

From my personal experience I have tried to sell, sell and sell on Facebook but with no luck. I didn’t even realize just how connected I was to Facebook to where even every thought was connected. One thing I learned over time that the best thing to do was honestly distance yourself from social media like Facebook as it can become toxic for yourself too.

Although I have a small number of people on here I am actually a lot happier selling through WordPress and cults. Most of my money comes from Cults3d at the moment but am hoping to get this going as well. Independence is a very big deal especially when you make your own business.

Do not ever rely on social media to do your hard labor for you. I am realizing this now as I begin to develop my work on my own. Your fans will come to you if you put in the labor.


High IQ and High Sensitivity? Perfect for business!

While most people say these two are in one sense good but connection is nearly impossible, I would say that’s bullshit and here is why. Having a strong mind that is able to compute extremely complex situations like politics or mathematics and having the ability to sense energies from other people can be the perfect way to build a business and be the perfect lover!

Sensitivity isn’t weakness if you are able to use it as a radar to sense out a room or sense out the inner feelings of someone who looks you! Having a high IQ would be able to help you put 2 and 2 together to make 4! The reason why people try to suppress and keep you from connecting your two senses together is because deep down they are actually afraid of you. Knowing there is a much deeper entity within you, so they try to repress your gifts as much as possible, keeping you down until the day one of them makes you and teaches you to fight back.

This moment is when your abilities begin to truly kick in and you begin to strategize almost to super natural levels. The thing to also remember is that there were literally giant political entities devoted to trying to keep the masses from learning of their own individual senses and being able to become deep thinkers, which is why they force us into labels and indoctrination centers. But once you learn the truth, everything you knew and loved becomes worthless and you begin to see the planet in a different way and the only thing you ask yourself is, why didn’t I learn this earlier? Did my parents hate me?

The answers are No your parents didn’t hate you they just were brainwashed themselves. The sad part about the baby boomers are that although they feel they were the first generation to be liberated from evil conservative thinking, they were actually the first generation to conform to self hatred and despising the idea of actual work and actual skill in trade for toys, cars, and loose sex and now the baby boomer era begins to set itself in motion as a sad group of people caught up in their own materialistic desires. Fearful of ever coming to terms with the monstrous ways of selfishness and greed they have lived their entire lives.

I digress into a pile of negative thinking mainly because I want you, the reader of this article, to understand that once you are able to put the high IQ and the high senses together then you can rise above this pile of garbage and create your own mindset and what your actually good at. Studying an art or skill like metallurgy, metal casting, painting, cooking and a lot more and being able to use YOUR senses to determine a brand new flavor of your work that the masses can not refuse!

So in conclusion, I ask the reader to follow me into the abyss where your true nature lies. Reject your old ways of thinking and join me as I put up more and more of my work and art over the years from electronics to jewelry to 3D printing. You are able to shop and buy from my business as everything is up for you to see.

I do offer free guidance at anytime if you wish to contact me as well! Let me know everything is built strictly for you!


Beloved Impressions

I started my jewelry business originally under the name of everlasting Impressions. My work began to transform from robotics and electronics into art. The idea of love transcended my mind and although it was a struggle for me to find the right kind of love it became more apparent that maybe it isn’t just what we see in the material world but it comes from an impression into the next realm.

The chemical compound of love oxytocin is what people use to explain why we need it. It’s just a chemical as some may say but in reality we are actually bound by the idea of love in a much more promising way. We don’t usually understand where it comes from and a lot of times the way we were raised gets in the way of finding that love.

We are programmed to divide ourselves by race, religion, class and even to the point of how we get to work every day. So much class and division yet even the ones at the highest class are never really happy. Why is that? Because they deep down feel a need for spiritual connection that they were taught was only for crazy people.

In the year 2019, more people than ever are single and desiring something different yet they can’t put their finger on it. Baby boomers are getting divorced left and right and millennials are questioning the entire idea of marriage all together. The reasons for this vary from too much internet to a weird type of new economy, nobody is ever sure anymore. But it’s best to not look at the dark side and look more at the bright side!

Selling and buying has become more creative than ever! There is no pressure on anyone to do what they aren’t comfortable with and all the old assholes and idiots from high school and college are working their 9-5 jobs completely unhappy. But then again they’ve been unhappy since the day they were born.

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The understanding of the astral plane and how it affects our daily lives

Without realizing it you will have a thought, whether it is a good thought, a bad thought, a sexy thought or just a thought about groceries. It is a thought that lingers into a different realm that your eye can not see but it is there. This is a realm where all the energies are seen, where all the souls go to while in between the heavens or looking for reincarnation. Sometimes these souls live forever in this realm.

I will save what exactly this realm is like for another article but what I would like to discuss is how your thoughts go into this realm and that can change your future. The very unfortunate issue with our school system and our parents and our culture in general is that they do not teach us how to focus on positive thinking, instead we are bombarded with things that we aren’t good enough for, colleges will not accept us since we are not smart enough or the football coach doesn’t play us. All of these things tend to go into our sub conscience which is our soul that lays in this realm.

If you would like to have a good way to keep a positive thinking path AND get good sleep one way is to lay on your back while you sleep and imagine yourself dreaming of your wildest dreams. Perhaps you want to be a millionaire or an astronaut? Maybe you want to find true love! Or maybe you want to be a musician! If you imagine this while falling asleep every night your energy will align itself to that goal, so when you begin practicing that goal, every day gets more and more likely it will happen.

We will have many more posts discussing the astral plane along with different items readily available, please understand this is a fairly new site so we are building slowly. Many more posts daily will appear.


The Hardest Tragedy of A Dead Soulmate

Some of us question, why is it so hard for us to find a soul mate or find true love. One thing that needs to be understood is that just because someone is your soul mate doesn’t mean they leave the material world the same time we do. A lot of times what happens is that while our soul mate leaves to the next realm, we end up staying on planet earth into the next life. One of the reasons why it seems so hard for young to old millennials to find love partially is because a lot of their soulmates actually left the Earth already. But sometimes when we can remedy this through finding ourselves. That’s the thing to remember about losing your soulmate in a different life. The next life is about finding who you are so you can meet with him or her in the heavens.



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