Cooking and 3d printing!

I’d like to discuss my newest discoveries on how 3d printing has changed the face of cooking from bread to chocolate. Imagine a world where cooks will be replaced by machines. The idea of cashiers being replaced my machines are already here thanks to the self service. Am sure you’ve seen them at the mcdonald’s.


Definitely something to look into. But what we want to talk about right now is how the entire food industry is becoming 3d printed from pancakes:


to chocolate:


and even to meat?


Yes the world of 3d printing can now replace cooks. Imagine a whole restaurant with just one electrician sitting in a corner while machines cook and create food, take people’s orders and even serve them? It is 100% possible! and to this day anything is possible, which is why I created many new designs the pertain to 3d printing. Not just with jewelry anymore but with lots of different industries.



This is another best seller on Etsy, although only worth 5$, it is very likely that once you buy the cad design and begin production, you will be able to sell them quickly as the design is already proven to sell a lot. Every CAD design is an investment in the idea that you can 3d print this exact item and sell it.

CAD Design Picasso Faced Earrings

3d print the picasso face earrings today.




Thought development and the ability to make a business of your own

From my personal experience I have tried to sell, sell and sell on Facebook but with no luck. I didn’t even realize just how connected I was to Facebook to where even every thought was connected. One thing I learned over time that the best thing to do was honestly distance yourself from social media like Facebook as it can become toxic for yourself too.

Although I have a small number of people on here I am actually a lot happier selling through WordPress and cults. Most of my money comes from Cults3d at the moment but am hoping to get this going as well. Independence is a very big deal especially when you make your own business.

Do not ever rely on social media to do your hard labor for you. I am realizing this now as I begin to develop my work on my own. Your fans will come to you if you put in the labor.


An Etsy Top seller Hoop Earrings

Here is the chance for you to be able to buy the cad design and even have them made in any material you would like! This cad design comes from this top seller on Etsy!

Beautifully designed earrings!62000975_345850916124684_2743769505485291520_n.jpg

CAD design Earrings

Hoop Earrings CAD design




Metaphysical Mystic Rainbow & White Topaz Jewelry Psychic Charged Ring haunted

Metaphysical Mystic Rainbow & White Topaz Jewelry Psychic Charged Ring haunted

Free Shipping


Mystic Rainbow Topaz
Size 9
Copper base. Top coat is 925 silver.
 w   It does not flake off, tarnish or discolor.
 It is extremely long lasting and if taken care 
of will `last you a life+time.
I am sure you will love it!
 If not money back offer!
Kaber Star Psychic
Beautiful/ rich/ deep color/ has a real psychic look to it!
It can promote self-empowerment and higher thinking.
 It can harness your creativity which can help you
 in all your pursuits. It can promote strong and lasting
 relationships, and it can help you fill your life with
 passion and inspiration. This is because it can bring your
 creative powers to fruition
Truth, Loyalty, Communication,
Wild dreams on the happy side 
this rainbow beauty can inspire
 General Healing, to Relieve Pain.
financial gain
Remove Hex’s
 more In-site
 Extreme Good Luck
 Strength of Mind
Bring a deeper love to you